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Isabelle Naud


    Hello Peter!

    I’m trying to publsih my event, however I’m encountering some difficulties with the Virtual Event configuration.
    My event is on Zoom and the link I have is to register to the meeting.

    When I select Zoom in the Virtual Event Configuration, it puts your account as user. I didn’t manage to change it
    Any tips on how to fix this?

    Other questions:
    In Event Status: do I have to choose Scheduled or Moved online?

    In venue details, I have no venue, is that a problem?

    I just resubmitted, could you please check on your side if you see it?
    When I click on My Scheduled Events, it says the Publish Status of my event is Draft.

    Thank you!

    Izzy Naud

    Izzy Naud Wellbeing
    FB: izzynaud.wellbeing
    IG: @izzynaud.wellbeing