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Dealing With Chaos In Your Music Career | Shakira Sells Her Music Catalog

Yet another artist is selling their music catalog and Ayesha talks about accepting the uph...

Why Musicians Are Afraid of Failure

Artists like to live in their head, and get a high from the daydreams in their mind. But w...

The Great Spotify Purge | Why Radio is Just as Important as Ever! Special Guest, Adam Lewis

The Tuesday Talkies Team discusses Spotify removing tens of thousands of songs that they d...

Living Without Awards | The Grammy Awards Are Moving

The Grammy Awards are moving the date to mid-March - what does this mean? The MKO Team is ...

The Future Is Now – Making Great Music In 2021

As we enter 2021, let's take stock on what the disappointments of last year have taught us...

Wtf Is The Deal With Clubhouse? Time To Disrupt The Music Industry? Guest CEO, Nick Cianfaglione

Clubhouse has been the buzz for the last few months. What's the deal? Will it survive or i...

Are Celebrity Holograms the Future? How to Progress Your Career

The Duke moves from Tuesday Talkies and joins the MKO Team and kicks off the new year with...

2020 Wrap-Up: What Went Wrong Or Right | Why Are Musicians Selling Their Catalogs?

Sam will review his take on 2020 and pulls out his crystal ball for 2021, and The Duke chi...

Being There For Yourself To Help Your Career

Ayesha and Peter talk about how to show up for yourself when you need it most and giving y...

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Music Industry City – Conversations and New Thoughts About the Music Business.