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Wtf Is The Deal With Clubhouse? Time To Disrupt The Music Industry? Guest CEO, Nick Cianfaglione

Clubhouse has been the buzz for the last few months. What’s the deal? Will it survive or is this just another passing phase? And Nick Cianfaglione, CEO & Founder of Artist Republik, has proven himself to be one of the most innovative young entrepreneurs in the industry. His launch of the decentralized networking and management platform has received praise from Forbes, CrunchBase, Grit Daily, All Access, Medium Magazine and more. Now valued at over $5M, the company’s simple yet pioneer-driven premise has caught the eyes of major music industry players like Hopsin as well as top investors David Beirne and Humble Lukanga. The company widens the opportunity funnel by enabling self-represented music talent and industry stakeholders to sidestep controlling agents, gatekeepers and management when it is simply not necessary.

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