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What is TokenTraxx NFT Music Marketplace?

This is part of our month-long Spotlight series on Token||Traxx.

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“Our mission is to empower artists to easily tokenise songs, albums, and merchandise, thereby revolutionising the way fans engage with the artists they love."

Miles Leonard (Chief Talent Officer and Co-Founder) & Tim Gentry (COO and Co-Founder) of Token||Traxx break down their new NFT music marketplace, the sold out launch of their TRAXX Token, discuss how it helps the fan-to-artist relationships, what are the benefits to musicians and creators, and how the music industry is showing their support. 🚀

Not financial or investment advice. Part of a paid partnership. Please do your research on NFTs, tokens, and other blockchain-based services before (apeing in) err, jumping in. Many projects have roadmaps and lite/white papers where you can find out more before investing. 

The Web3 and NFT community are a vocal, and helpful group – feel free to ask around – you can find a lot on Twitter and in Discord. And feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

BTW, did you set up your MetaMask yet? If not, we got you covered.