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Ways to Stay Calm in a Stressful World

The world is a tough place to live in- there’s no denying that. But you can make it easier on yourself by working on your mental health.

There may be times when you feel like there’s no way to get through your day without running for the hills. When you’re having a bad day, it can be hard to motivate yourself and see the future as anything but bleak. But when you fall into the trap where you’re negative about everything, every day, it can be hard to pull yourself out of that mindset.

And so you may find that self-care is really important for helping you stay calm in a stressful world. Self-care is about making sure to take care of yourself as well as possible on a regular basis. 

Here are some ways to keep calm in a stressful world…

1) Meditation and mindfulness exercises.

Many people don’t realize how useful meditation can be when it comes to calming down. Meditation can help you get in touch with your feelings, and relax even if you’re having a hard time doing so naturally. 

One of the best things about meditation is that it’s really easy to do. With some simple breathing exercises, you can calm your mind and body by sitting in a quiet place. There are many different forms of meditation, but with this practice you simply sit still and focus on feeling your breath going in and out. 

2) Learn to accept things that are beyond your control.

One of the hardest things for many people is learning to accept what they cannot change. But it is something that you just have to do, because otherwise, life will be so much more difficult for you. There are going to be times when there will be things that you simply cannot change, and the sooner you can accept that, the easier your life is going to be.

3) It’s OK to take a day off.

Sometimes you’re just going to need some time away from the world. Maybe your body needs it, or maybe your mind does – either way, taking a day off can help you get your feet back under you. 

This includes choosing to take days off from work. Your employer should be your ally in this, as long as you’re doing a good job and can keep up with your tasks over the long run. If that’s possible, it shouldn’t be an issue for you to have a little space from time to time.

4) Incorporate animals into your life.

You may not be able to have a pet in the city all of the time, but try to make sure that you spend some time with dogs or cats when at all possible. Spending time with an animal can be very good for your mental health. In one study, researchers found that people who had pets were happier than those who didn’t. A pet can make for a great friend! Not to mention, it’s fun to play with them and take care of them. They’re cute, harmless, and provide entertainment!

5) Getting massages, or hitting a sauna or steam room in order to pamper yourself.

People are sometimes surprised to hear that hitting a sauna or steam room can help you de-stress, but it’s true. You may not notice it immediately when you’re in the moment, but afterward, you’ll feel much more relaxed and ready to move forward with your day. You can think about this as an investment in yourself that will pay off in the long-term.

Something else you can do is to get a massage (or find another way to pamper yourself, such as getting pedicures or going to a nice salon for an aromatherapy treatment). This is one of those things that are worth doing if you can afford it. Massages can make a huge difference in how you feel. They’re like an instant pick-me up that can help you get through your day.

6) Go on walks or runs outside, especially if you have access to green spaces.

When people are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, it can be hard to get motivated. Exercising is one of the best ways to combat stress and anxiety, because it helps your body release endorphins that make you feel happier and more relaxed.

As well as helping you physically, being in nature can really help bring down your levels of stress. You may find that thinking about plants, trees, and other vegetation lifts your spirits, too.

If you don’t have access to a park or natural space , just going for a walk in your neighborhood can really help as well. If green spaces aren’t available to you, try taking a grey-space walk instead, even if it means walking next to buildings. 

The important thing is to make sure you’re outside your home- it can help to increase the oxygen levels in your body, which combats feelings of stress and anxiety.

We hope this blog post has helped you find some ways to stay calm in a stressful world. Remember, self-care is about making sure that you take care of yourself on a regular basis and not just during times when your stress levels are high. 

What does self-care look like for you? Let us know in the comments below.