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TT: Chase Rice’s Concert Controversy, Music’s MeToo Moment, Mental Voices, & Artistic Value

Peter, Sam, Ayesha, Stephanie, and The Duke discussed Chase Rice’s not-so-socially distanced concert, the need for Streaming to move to user-centric payment models, Minnesota Artists demand a MeToo Moment, handling the mental voices that mess with your creative work, how to stand out and charge your worth, even in the face of a recession?

0:00 Intro
0:46 Chase Rice Concert Controversy
11:54 Music Industry #MeToo Moment
16:05 Importance of speaking from your own place of truth
21:32 Stand out and charge your worth, even in a recession


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Articles referenced:

Country Stars Chase Rice, Chris Janson Spark Outrage With Videos of Packed Concert Crowds
Artists demand #MeToo moment in Minnesota music

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