The Duke

Universal Pulls Catalog From Triller | Finding Your Inner Leader

Universal stated, “We have no alternative except to remove our music from Triller, effective immediately.” And speaking of taking charge, Ayesha is going to talk about finding the leader within.

Dealing With Chaos In Your Music Career | Shakira Sells Her Music Catalog

Yet another artist is selling their music catalog and Ayesha talks about accepting the upheaval that comes with change and what you can do as a musician to adapt.

Living Without Awards | The Grammy Awards Are Moving

The Grammy Awards are moving the date to mid-March - what does this mean? The MKO Team is going to talk about awards and what do they really mean for an artist.

2020 Wrap-Up: What Went Wrong Or Right | Why Are Musicians Selling Their Catalogs?

Sam will review his take on 2020 and pulls out his crystal ball for 2021, and The Duke chimes in about the latest wave of songwriters selling their catalogs.

Twitch Apologies, But Not For The Right Thing. Listening Without Using Headphones?

Check out The Tuesday Talkies Team's take on: Twitch posted an apology, but for the wrong thing. Is it time to reform the DMCA? And how can you listen to music without headphones? This company will sh...

Spotify Launches New Discovery Mode But At What Cost? Kid Cudi Launching A New Interactive Live Music App.

Spotify is going to let Record labels influence personalized recommendations and Kid Cudi is Launching an Artist-Empowering Interactive Live Music App called, Encore.

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