Stephanie Carlin

Musicians Guided By Intuition | Helping The Underdog To Succeed – Guest Patrice Cokley

Artists don't let part of themselves take over because they're not trusting their awareness and their intuition. They're more motivated by producing a result than being guided by intuition. But what i...

Soulful, Aligned Marketing – A Crash Course for Artists

When you are not able to use your words, your voice, to articulate what's available for your people when they work with you...the magic you provide..... you're doing people a disservice. Let's talk ab...

How to Deal With the Pressure of Being a Musician

How does the pressure of being an artist motivate you? I know we whine and complain about people expecting you to deliver results, but being on the grind can actually be an incredible motivation.

Why Musicians Are Afraid of Failure

Artists like to live in their head, and get a high from the daydreams in their mind. But what's happening inside you that you don't follow through on your visions and honor your word? You're protectin...

The Future Is Now – Making Great Music In 2021

As we enter 2021, let's take stock on what the disappointments of last year have taught us. This has been a period of initiation for all of us, and it's not over yet. This period of initiation is espe...

How To Plan For Career Success In 2021 | How To Cut Through The Noise As A Musician

Peter and Stephanie talk about preparing now for success in 2021 and special guest, DVDDY joins in to discuss how you can cut through the noise as a musician

Stop Procrastinating Already | How to Succeed on Twitch!

Peter and Stephanie talk about how artists can prevent procrastination and special guest, Scxrlet64 joins in to discuss how you can be successful on Twitch.

How To Use Failure To Help Your Career

Peter and Stephanie talk about how artists can channel their fear of failure into something great!

UK Government Streaming Investigation | Record Labels Still Doing Pay for Play?

"The UK government is opening up an investigation on the economics of music streaming. Rolling Stone published a report that claims various labels have been making illegal pay-for-play deals for artis...

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