7 Ways to Get More Spotify Plays

Looking to get more plays on Spotify? We know it can be frustrating, but if you take it one step at a time, you're going to succeed! Here are seven tips for you!

The Great Spotify Purge | Why Radio is Just as Important as Ever! Special Guest, Adam Lewis

The Tuesday Talkies Team discusses Spotify removing tens of thousands of songs that they deemed were fraudulently inflated by services. And Radio is still important. Adam Lewis - CEO of Planetary Grou...

Spotify Launches New Discovery Mode But At What Cost? Kid Cudi Launching A New Interactive Live Music App.

Spotify is going to let Record labels influence personalized recommendations and Kid Cudi is Launching an Artist-Empowering Interactive Live Music App called, Encore.

Warner Acquires Social Media Publisher. Independent Music’s Fight for Survival, Staying True to Who You Are. How to Trust Your Intuition.

"What’s the deal with Warner Music acquiring a social media publishing platform. Independent Music’s Fight for Survival Staying true to who you are. How to trust your intuition when working with a...

YouTube Music Value, Music Classes Removed, Finding the Truth in Music.

Exactly how valuable is music on YouTube? Music Classes are being removed from school’s distance learning programs. And how can we still feel the truth in music when we no longer can collectively feel...

Music Videos on Facebook, Danish Music Removed, Spotify Says Release More Music, Healthy Mindset, New Paradigm

Music videos are on Facebook in the US, how’s that working out? YouTube removed music videos in Denmark over songwriter royalty fallout. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek says working musicians may no longer be a...

Drake Going Independent Would End the Music Business? Facebook Music Videos – Congratulate Yourself – Starving Artist Mindset

Steve Stoute of UnitedMasters says Drake going independent would end the music business. Facebook is launching officially licensed music videos next month. Remembering to give yourself a pat on the ba...

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