Tag: Pro Music Rights

TT: Jake Noch of Pro Music Rights on Spotify Countersuit, Music Industry Cartels, and the Future of PMR

Jake Noch, Founder, and CEO of SOSA Entertainment and Pro Music Rights joined Peter Schwinge and Sam Tall to discuss anti-trust lawsuits, not being afraid to piss some people off to fight for artist's rights, the future of Pro Music Rights, and his goals for world domination.

Music Industry Black Out Tuesday. What We Can Do to Make Lasting Change | Jonathan Azu

Jonathan Azu joined Peter Schwinge, Sam Tall, Ayesha Adamo, Stephanie Carlin, and The Duke discuss the Music Industry Black Out Tuesday, how to continue the conversation, and what we can do as a community to make a change for the long-term.

Tuesday Talkies: Warner IPO, Spotify Countersuit, and Escaping the Music Clone Wars, The Past, and Virtual Relationships

Peter Schwinge, Sam Tall, Ayesha Adamo, Stephanie Carlin, and The Duke discuss What Warner’s IPO means, More on the Spotify Countersuit, Escaping the Music Clone Wars, Revisiting the past, and the issues with Virtual relationships and teams.

Tuesday Talkies: AI-Generated Music, Avatars, Spotify Countersuit, Perfection v Perseverance, What Kind of World Do You Want to Live In, Artists Should Use Their Voice

Peter Schwinge, Sam Tall. Ayesha Adamo, The Duke, and Stephanie Carlin discuss Artificial Intelligence, Celebrity Avatars, and the future of the technological artist, Spotify is counter-suing an Indie Label, for Massive Streaming Fraud & Millions of Fake Accounts, Perfection versus Powerful Perseverance (that’s a nice alliteration), how you can re-imagine and invent the kind of artistic world you want to be in, and why should artists be using their voice to elevate the world.