Being There For Yourself To Help Your Career

Ayesha and Peter talk about how to show up for yourself when you need it most and giving yourself the support you need.

Why You Should Get Your Resolutions Ready Early

Ayesha and Peter talk about how 2021 is right around the corner, and why now is a great time to start thinking about what we want the new year to look like.

Stop Procrastinating Already | How to Succeed on Twitch!

Peter and Stephanie talk about how artists can prevent procrastination and special guest, Scxrlet64 joins in to discuss how you can be successful on Twitch.

How To Use Failure To Help Your Career

Peter and Stephanie talk about how artists can channel their fear of failure into something great!

How To Avoid Delusional Thinking In Unusual Times

Ayesha and Peter talk about putting ourselves in as better place to deal the insanity of 2020 and how changing your mindset will benefit your career.

Finding Patience As An Artist

Is how you waited for election results the same as how you are with your artistic career? Let's talk a little about patience.

Why Merit Still Matters for Musicians and Creators

Ayesha and Peter talk about why Merit Still Matters while living in a world where your social media media popularity is considered a measure of success.

Monday Meditation and Finding a Mentor to Help Your Career

Tune in for a Guided Meditation from Ayesha on how to Envision Your Week followed by a talk about finding mentors and how you can help yourself to a better career.

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