Musicians Dealing With Envy. Billboard Includes Facebook Streams

What Envy Really Means As creators who are working hard at the hustle in a sea of social media posts, it's easy to sometimes experience envy. Let's look at how to deal with it! Billboard charts now in...

Musicians Guided By Intuition | Helping The Underdog To Succeed – Guest Patrice Cokley

Artists don't let part of themselves take over because they're not trusting their awareness and their intuition. They're more motivated by producing a result than being guided by intuition. But what i...

Soulful, Aligned Marketing – A Crash Course for Artists

When you are not able to use your words, your voice, to articulate what's available for your people when they work with you...the magic you provide..... you're doing people a disservice. Let's talk ab...

Musicians Keeping the Hope Up

Pandemic or none, artists need to find a way to keep hopeful through the ups and downs of this kind of career. Let's talk about some ways to keep hopes high!

How to Deal With the Pressure of Being a Musician

How does the pressure of being an artist motivate you? I know we whine and complain about people expecting you to deliver results, but being on the grind can actually be an incredible motivation.

Remember To Use The Force

Sometimes, we get all wrapped up in the emotions of the moment, and forget about the strength we have within. Let's remind ourselves!

Dealing With Chaos In Your Music Career | Shakira Sells Her Music Catalog

Yet another artist is selling their music catalog and Ayesha talks about accepting the upheaval that comes with change and what you can do as a musician to adapt.

Living Without Awards | The Grammy Awards Are Moving

The Grammy Awards are moving the date to mid-March - what does this mean? The MKO Team is going to talk about awards and what do they really mean for an artist.