Remember To Use The Force

Sometimes, we get all wrapped up in the emotions of the moment, and forget about the strength we have within. Let's remind ourselves!

Dealing With Chaos In Your Music Career | Shakira Sells Her Music Catalog

Yet another artist is selling their music catalog and Ayesha talks about accepting the upheaval that comes with change and what you can do as a musician to adapt.

TT: Live Nation to Cut Artists Pay, Virtual Concerts in the Gaming World. Using Scientific Illuminism and Maintaining Integrity to Fulfill Your Career Goals

Peter, Sam, Ayesha, Stephanie, and The Duke discussed Live Nation’s New Policies and Artist Pay Cuts, The crossover of Gaming and Virtual Concerts, Scientific Illuminism and what that means for your c...

TT: TikTok Influencers, Twitch Copyright Issues, Artists in Chaos, Music for a Movement

Peter, Sam, Ayesha, Stephanie, and The Duke discuss how much does it cost to get your music played by a TikTok influencer, Twitch is having it’s moment with takedown notices, How can artists open them...