Ayesha Adamo

Musicians Keeping the Hope Up

Pandemic or none, artists need to find a way to keep hopeful through the ups and downs of this kind of career. Let's talk about some ways to keep hopes high!

Universal Pulls Catalog From Triller | Finding Your Inner Leader

Universal stated, “We have no alternative except to remove our music from Triller, effective immediately.” And speaking of taking charge, Ayesha is going to talk about finding the leader within.

Remember To Use The Force

Sometimes, we get all wrapped up in the emotions of the moment, and forget about the strength we have within. Let's remind ourselves!

Dealing With Chaos In Your Music Career | Shakira Sells Her Music Catalog

Yet another artist is selling their music catalog and Ayesha talks about accepting the upheaval that comes with change and what you can do as a musician to adapt.

Living Without Awards | The Grammy Awards Are Moving

The Grammy Awards are moving the date to mid-March - what does this mean? The MKO Team is going to talk about awards and what do they really mean for an artist.

Are Celebrity Holograms the Future? How to Progress Your Career

The Duke moves from Tuesday Talkies and joins the MKO Team and kicks off the new year with a discussion on how you can make progress with your career in 2021 and are celebrity holograms the future of ...

Being There For Yourself To Help Your Career

Ayesha and Peter talk about how to show up for yourself when you need it most and giving yourself the support you need.

Why You Should Get Your Resolutions Ready Early

Ayesha and Peter talk about how 2021 is right around the corner, and why now is a great time to start thinking about what we want the new year to look like.

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