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S2E3 – Pete & Sam Talk Apple, Billie Eilish, Warner and AI, plus Ask a Manager.

Peter “Uncle Pete” Schwinge & Sam Tall ( are still working on a title for this show, so we’ll just give a description below. If you have suggestions for a title, we welcome you to post them in the comments below!

Two people talk about things going on in the music business. We do a segment called, “Ask a Manager” that poses a question artists may ask of their manager – sometimes serious, sometimes fun. And we wrap up with a segment with some helpful suggestions for artists – and general chit-chat.

This week Sam watched the big Apple Event and has lots to say. Peter was intrigued by Warner’s acquisition of an AI company. And at some point, we start talking about Billie Eilish – Sam has an extreme fondness of her career. Then, we wrap it up with Peter’s, Ask a Manager question – which usually gets a cringe from Sam. Hope you enjoy and we welcome your comments below. Have a wonderful day!

Articles for reference:
Apple event 2019: Everything announced at Apple’s big March presentation

Do you have questions about the music business, or want to start a conversation about a particular topic? Then go ahead and post something in the Soundboard.

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