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S1E2 – HEAVY! Virtual Concerts, Tool, Cold Cold Coffin Interview

Peter Schwinge & Jason Lekberg ( are back to discuss all things Heavy!

This week, Jason and Peter discuss virtual concerts, Tool, and are joined by special guests, Sean Quinn of Hard Four Productions, Executive Producer of Cold Cold Coffin – Peter Perenyi of PRP Productions, Director of Photography & Executive Producer – and Orion Perenyi of PRP Productions, Steadicam Operator & Editor of Cold Cold Coffin.

The topic du jour is all about video and the importance and influence it has on music. You will be treated to a teaser of the brand new ‘Rock Cinema’ film for Dennis Dunaway’s (Founding Member of the Alice Cooper Band) “Cold Cold Coffin” which also stars Alice Cooper’s daughter, Calico Cooper from Beasto Blanco. Plus, a conversation with the people that put it all together.

Jump down to find out how to catch a screening near you, along with the new film featuring the original Alice Cooper band for the first time in 40 years, Live from the Astroturf.

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Articles referenced:
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Screenings and Information:

Los Angeles:

Nights With Alice Cooper (Alice’s own radio show):

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