S1E1 – HEAVY! A New Show About Heavy Metal and Hard Rock

Peter Schwinge & Jason Lekberg (LekbergEnterprises.com) have teamed up to discuss all things Heavy!

This week, Jason and Peter kick off a new show discussing streaming growth in metal and hard rock, influence into popular culture, tour buy-ons – what one manager thinks of them, Jason’s favorite F1 driver, and what bands you should be checking out.

Jason Lekberg is a music industry executive with both Major and Independent label experience as well as 20+ years of performance and creation. He specializes in both product management as well as digital marketing and excels at first-to-market digital creativity. Jason currently runs Lekberg Enterprises; a Label-as-a-Service agency specializing in helping established artists take control of their careers as well as managing select artists and offering consultation for emerging music technology. 

Articles referenced:
Makers of the $1,200 Black Metal Hoodie Hold Corpse Paint Laden Fashion Show in a Parisian McDonald’s

Trolls World Tour Trailer Features OZZY, SCORPIONS Songs

Do you have questions about the music business, or want to start a conversation about a particular topic? Then go ahead and post something in the Soundboard.

Enjoy – we welcome your comments below.

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