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Replay: Music Merch Strategies For A Live Streaming World

A replay of our April 30th show on Music Merch Strategies For A Live Streaming World

Randy Chertkow of Making Money with Music will guide you through best practices on how to increase your fan engagement and how to make money with simple and unique tips and techniques for effectively creating and selling merch in an online world.

Randy Chertkow, Making Money with Music
Randy Chertkow is a musician, author, journalist, public speaker, instructor, and music consultant. He co-wrote the critically-acclaimed The Indie Band Survival Guide (Macmillan) (first and second editions), The DIY Music Manual (Random House), and Making Money With Music.
He professionally speaks about the music business and revenue generation at conventions, music organizations (e.g. The Recording Academy —, businesses (Guitar Center), cities (New York City, Austin, Chicago), and schools (SAE, Music Industry Workshop, Columbia College).
This includes speaking at venues such as Carnegie Hall. Their band, Beatnik Turtle, released over 500 songs spanning 20 albums, licensed music to Disney and Viacom, and wrote music for TV, films, and theater including Chicago’s Second City. In 2007, they released a song every single day of the year.
Hosted by: Peter Schwinge, Music Industry City
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