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TuneIn: The Future – SoundExchange Working for You

Linda Bloss-Baum, Senior Director, Artist and Industry Relations at SoundExchange joins Pe...

What Now? Music Business Students and Future Opportunities

Are you a student that's about to graduate or planning to in the next few years? If so, th...

Event: Music Merch Strategies For A Live Streaming World

This week, Randy Chertkow of Making Money with Music will guide you through best practices...

Event: The Tuesdays at 2 Variety Hour

tune in. join the conversation. perform a song. talk about what’s going on. Every Tu...

Event: How To Improve Your Camera Presence for Photos and Livestreaming

Becky Yee and Natasha Katrina join Peter Schwinge for a discussion on best practices to im...

Staying Healthy Into Your 80s

I did this interview a couple months back having NO idea that the worst virus to come down...

Making Money With Live Streaming – Free Online Talk – Mar 31

Join us for a Free video discussion on making money through livestreaming. Randy Chertk...

AAM: Live Streaming for Musicians – Live Video Chat

Join us for a Free video discussion on best Live Streaming practices for Musicians with sp...

Deepscapes with Ayesha Adamo – Ep. 2

In this month's edition of Deepscapes, host Ayesha Adamo guides us through a relaxing medi...

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Music Industry City – Conversations and New Thoughts About the Music Business.