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Style Guide

  • The main MIC FMF logo is to be used in all references to Music Industry City / Future Music Forum descriptions. This is the parent logo for all references.
  • The MIC Icon only is used only when a brand identifier bug is required.
  • Future Music Forum logos are to be used only when specific to conference events by the Future Music Forum.
  • The FMF icon is only to be used when a brand identifier for FMF is needed.

Use of the MIC/FMF colored version is preferred. Use the black or white versions only when needed against background that require contrast. The black FMF logo is preferred. 


Press and Media use the full MIC FMF logo. When referring to the company, it is “Music Industry City / Future Music Forum”

The FMF conference should be initially described as, “Music Industry City’s Future Music Forum: Barcelona conference”

Once identified, Future Music Forum: Barcelona may be used throughout the description.

When referring to activities on the MIC website, identify as Music Industry City / Future Music Forum. Then throughout, it may be referred to as Music Industry City.