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Martina’s pick ‘Young Lies’ by Poté, Damon Albarn (June W3)

This week’s pick is ‘Young Lies’ by Poté and Damon Albarn. 

This song is full of story and urgency. You’re breathless, and yet oxygen never tasted so well. Everything is moving forward at the same time, and you are flying towards your future with the colors of your past pushing you to a better tomorrow. Your ancestors are clapping, proud of you overcoming all the obstacles that you’ve faced until now. Your gaze is locked in front of you, and you don’t need to turn back anymore to check if anyone’s chasing you, because you’ve eliminated all your fears.

I picked this song for this week because that’s how it makes me feel. And THAT BEAT. Seriously, listen to it. I’m feeling extra grateful for the Friday Clubhouse room because I know I’ll have this song on repeat for the rest of today.

With digital fairy greetings,


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