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Martina’s pick ‘Will I See You Again?’ by Thee Sacred Souls (July W1)

This week’s pick is ‘Will I See You Again?’ by Thee Sacred Souls. 

Ah, what a beautiful thing to feel breezy and warm at the same time. This is timeless funk that fills your soul and slows you down the good way. I could have sworn this was a track from the 60s, but alas, it was released in 2020. Most of us can feel overwhelmed with the fact that we can do anything, but the existence of this groove in a non-funk era proves that when you know what’s right – and you do it right – it will mean a lot for the people who find you.

I encourage you to play this kind of music in a group setting and see what that leads to. It’s the perfect backdrop to meaningful conversations.

With digital fairy greetings,