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Martina’s pick ‘Lo/Hi’ by The Black Keys (June W2)

This week’s pick is ‘Lo/Hi’ by The Black Keys. 

It’s upbeat, it’s rock’n’roll, and it’s real. Besides, The Black Keys are great, and going back to such hard-hitting icons feels especially satisfying when we’re bombarded by new content that, although supposedly cool, can feel musically timid and not daring enough.

The lyrics talk about a person who’s a a lonely mess, and that felt like an echo of our collective pandemic self. The lines ‘Nobody to drug you / No one to hold back your hair’ made me think of how we’ve been wishing we even had a place to go to where that would be a possibility.

Even (or especially) without human company, we still go through the peaks and valleys of human emotion: ‘You get low (low) / Like a valley / High (high) / Like a bird in the sky’.

Here’s to riding the waves of the crazy ride that life is, rising from the valley to join our friends birds.

With digital fairy greetings,


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