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March Resident Spotlight – Cassandra Kubinski


We’re thrilled to feature Cassandra Kubinski as March’s Spotlight Artist



Cassandra Kubinski

What is your artist name?

Cassandra Kubinski

How many years have you been active?


What was the first concert you went to?

Probably Jazz in the Park in Hartford, CT…. artists like Ray Charles, Dave Brubeck etc playing free on the green in Hartford CT. I felt like my parents were dragging me there back then…little did i know what music royalty i was getting to see.

Do you have any hobbies, interests, or other non-music things you’d like to share about yourself?

I’m a daily yoga practicioner and love all things yoga, meditation, and nature! Get me outside hiking, biking, and kayaking, reward me with dark chocolate, and I’m a happy gal :)

When did you start writing and/or performing music?

Singing since age 2, playing piano since age 7, rallying my sisters and friends to be in my plays, circuses and pancake breakfasts since early childhood too. I started performing in theatre professionally at age 12, and started playing my own songs in NYC at age 19.

What are you particularly excited about in the near future?

Releasing my first official remix, continuing to connect with people who love music, travel and nature, and more time with the ones who matter most : my family, husband, sisters, parents, dog nieces, real niece, and besties.

Do you have any achievements you’re especially proud of?

Using the power of music to move people to make a difference for communities that need it… our song “Not So Different” helped raise over $30,000 for Autism programs in upstate NY when we released a version with the Goo Goo Dolls and 10,000 Maniacs; and our song “You Get Me” currently raises money for pet rescues and adoption (see the music videos for both on youtube!)

What do you find are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your career?

Most challenging:
Self doubt, negative self talk, stopping due to fear; getting a “foot in the door”, finding people who want to work consistently and creatively (not just for a few seconds, for the long term)

Most rewarding: Moving people’s hearts and minds while having an experience of being moved myself. Changing the vibration for the positive. Seeing everyone sing, dance, and move together- creating that moment where we put aside differences and barriers and just let ourselves flow together. The community and connection I’ve created for myself and others thru music. Singing!

If you could go back in time and to tell your 10-year old self something, what would that be?

Whatever you think is weird, quirky or odd about you is what makes you totally special and unique, and it’s what will make people pay attention to you, and what will make you lots of money. Honor it. Love it. Cultivate it- don’t push it aside cuz you feel different or are worried what others will think.

What artist would you like to perform a duet, or co-write a song, with, and why?

Billy Joel, because he’s THE MAN, and his music has influenced mine since early childhood.

Rob Thomas, because of the great work he and his wife do in animal rescue.

Jason Mraz, because I don’t think there could be a more fun studio partner or touring partner than him- bring on the avocados, yoga, and barefoot magic!

Would you like to share anything else or some advice for your fellow artists?

Remember that Things Change when You Change. Success, Happiness, and Satisfaction are not bestowed upon you…you create them from the inside. If your career isn’t feeling satisfying, take responsibility for what choices you’re making, and make ones that are more aligned with your true heart, true desires, and what actually makes you feel good. Then trust the universe to work it out in your favor (hint, it won’t work it out in your favor unless you actually trust it.)

Thank you for sharing this with us. If you would like to find out more about Cassandra or give a follow, check out the links below.










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