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Linda Lindas, Bad Bhabie, Tommy Boy Sold, Music Industry Musical Chairs…

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Gary Numan kicks off September 17 in Los Angeles for a 2021 North American tour. Stops include Austin, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, Portland, and Seattle and more.


In Musical Chairs…

From beverages to Live Music. Nicole Portwood, former Vice President of Marketing for Mountain Dew has been named to a newly created position as Live Nation’s Chief Brand Officer to strengthen artists and fan’s connection to the global concert promoter.


Drake, Shania Twain & More Petition to Change Canadian Copyright Law. The two are among other Canadian artists who have Songwriters Association of Canada in petitioning Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other government figures to change the country’s copyright law to give more power to artists and songwriters. Their proposed change would let creators and their families regain ownership of their copyrights 25 years after the date of transfer, instead of 25 years after the creator’s death, as currently specified in the country’s copyright act.

Reservoir Buys Tommy Boy Music for $100 Million. The label kicked off the careers of Queen Latifah, Afrika Bambaataa, Digital Underground, Coolio, De La Soul, House of Pain, Naughty By Nature, and more has found a new home. Since the 90s, Tommy Boy was sold to Warner Music, became an independent label again, re-acquired it’s past catalogue and now this. Good for Tommy! 


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And finally, in tech news…

Bhad Bhabie and Lil Yachty are investing in a Jewish dating app called Lox Club. The two launched a VC fund called Scoop Investments led by manager, Adam Kluger. The app is described as “a virtual speakeasy hidden within an old-school deli”. Lox Club doesn’t rely on algorithms like traditional dating apps; rather, it uses actual human match-makers.

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