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Life+Career: Do you Feel Overwhelmed? Here’s One Quick Way to Fix That

Have you ever said these words?

I need to change my life, I need to change my career, I’m out of shape, My relationships are unfulfilling, I’m unhappy with where I currently am. I don’t know where to start, there’s so much I need to do. It’s hard…and I’m exhausted.

Focus on one area

Some of the main reasons New Year’s resolutions fail is because people try to focus on fixing numerous areas of their lives, don’t go through the proper steps, and fail to make a commitment. The process becomes overwhelming, and instead of putting your energy and focus into one area, you end up spreading yourself too thin, don’t see any substantial results – which leads you to get frustrated and give up.

Let’s say you just bought a house which needs fixing up. You have a leaky roof, two bedrooms which need painting, the bathroom plumbing needs to be redone, the kitchen stove needs to be replaced, the lawn is a disaster, and the driveway needs repaving.

You can do some of these fixes by yourself but for most people, you will need to hire contractors to fix these problems. So let’s say you hire a roofer, a plumber, a technician to replace the stove, and someone to repave the driveway. Now, you’re left with seeding and fertilizing the lawn and painting the bedrooms. Not too bad when you have specialists helping you in their respective fields. BUT, that’s not how it is when it comes to fixing yourself. There’s only one person who can help you – and that’s YOU! So what are you going to do? You are going to Conquer one challenge at a time! The great thing about focusing on one area is that it will have indirect positive effects in other areas of your life.

At the Success Center, we use a process called the Hive Method. It’s not a fancy acronym where you have to remember letters, it’s much more basic than that. (I’ll post the entire concept another time). In short, it works like this:

  • Prioritize what it is you wish to achieve. Then make 3 bullet points with two items under each bullet point. Go ahead, get a pen and paper (Writing things down instead of using a computer helps it to sink in.)

Prioritize: Let’s say you’re unhappy with your job so you decide you will focus your energy on having a new job. Note, I didn’t say focus on finding a new job. You are focusing on the end result. People can find lots things, and not everyone gets to have them… but you can!

3 Bullet Points and 2 action items are all you need. 

  1. State the point you need
    1. Research
    2. Do it!

Let’s land you that new job.

  1. What do I want to do? 
    1. Research job opportunities
    2. Choose companies to go after
  2. What are the qualifications? 
    1. See what they are looking for
    2. Update your resume
  3. How do I get an interview?
    1. Find information on website and contact info
    2. Apply

Outcome: Your New Job

Take a look at our article on Commitment to see another sample of this process in action.


Think of a decathlon. There are 10 challenges that await you. You aren’t focused on all ten at once. You focus on the one thing at hand, then the next one, and the next one, and the next one… Tackle each one with utmost focus and you will make it through.

Sometimes, children have all the answers.


  1. Focus on one area
  2. There’s one of you to help you, don’t exhaust yourself
  3. Children have the answers because they don’t overthink things
  4. Use the Hive method
  5. Write it down
  6. Success in one are of your life will greatly affect the other areas

Where do you stand right now? Share them in the comments below.

I have to run for now, there’s one item that needs attending to. See you next week.

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