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Life: Be the Person YOU Needed When You Needed Help

Let’s make this a quick one.

Do you remember when you were young and wished you had someone to help you?

Who was that person?

Finding mentors in your career and life is a wonderful thing to have. But do you know, that when you become a mentor, you learn so much more about yourself than you can imagine? When you teach, you learn. 

When I started writing these posts I always read them after. I would read them aloud. And I found that I am actually helping myself. There are things I pick up on after I originally typed from experience that sunk in deeper – reminding myself that I need to act upon these statements.

Let’s take a look at the statement of Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger. Many people interpret this is in the form of writing a letter to your 17 year-old self. Here, we’re going to look at it in a different way.

Right now. What are you going through that you could use somebody’s help? Who is that person, what were their credentials, what did they know? Why do you need them?

Let’s write this down on a piece of paper. No, not type it on your computer – write it down. Are you ready to write? Ok. Let’s go.

Right now I need help with _________________ to succeed.

  1. Two reasons I need someone to help me
    1. ____________
    2. ____________
  2. Two people, or types of people that can help me
    1. ____________
    2. ____________
  3. One reason for how each person/type can help me
    1. ____________
    2. ____________

I’ll give you a few minutes...

OK, Done? Great.

Now the next step is…

Crumple up the piece of paper, throw it out, click this link, read the whole thing (and pay extra attention to # 7), then come back to this page and scroll down.

That’s who is going to help you. The person you are about to be.

There are so many areas that you can help yourself to grow with the resources at your fingertips. Instead of looking for someone else to help you, dig in and help yourself. There are so many resources on the internet that you can almost find anything you need. There’s tons of books on Amazon. Teach yourself to become the mentor you are seeking. Then teach others from your success, and you will grow more.

Don’t get caught up with tons of blogs saying here’s 10 things to do. You will find yourself doing more searching and searching and searching without stopping to put things into action. Find a few bits of information to help you… and stick to them. Stop constantly looking around without absorbing, and go create actionable items. Once you take that step and begin talking about it, you’ll find other like-minded people that will share similar stories, and will look to you for advice. Go for the deep dive. Become the person you are looking for to help you. You’ll help yourself exponentially more.

No video this week, because I’d like for you to go and start your path to becoming that person now!


  1. You can do it
  2. You have the resources right in front of you
  3. Don’t spend all your time searching and searching
  4. Find a path and turn it into action
  5. You already have many of the answers inside of you
  6. You’ll be a mentor to others before you know it

In what ways are you working to be the person you need? Share them in the comments below. 

I’m still working on helping myself, so I’m off to read a book. See you next week!

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