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What is Music Industry City?

What is Music Industry City?

Music Industry City is a music industry lifestyle community, broadcast network, and international music conference focused on inspiration, innovation, and information for the modern music industry. Think of it as your own City.


The concept came to light in 2017 on the live-streaming platform, Periscope (later acquired by Twitter, then shut down). A talk show was created called, The Mixer Soundboard. The show focused on talks with artists and key figures in the industry about topical items and tips for people looking to advance their career. From there, the Mixer Soundboard website was created. Not completely in love with the name, at 3am one Tuesday morning in 2019, the idea of Music Industry City was born. Thinking there is no way the domain would be available, we looked it up on GoDaddy, and sure enough, it was available! Without hesitation, the domain was purchased and over the next few months, TMS was converted to MIC. 

In January of 2023, MIC reconstructed the entire website to focus more on community discussions and resources, digital series, and live events.

More history will be written…

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