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What is Future Music Forum: Barcelona?

What is Future Music Forum: Barcelona?

FMF is a unique annual business and career gathering that allows you to experience Barcelona’s culture while learning ways to advance your career, improve your business contacts, and stay at the forefront of the music industry. Local beer, record stores, dive bars, magnificent venues, great restaurants, beaches, and a jam-packed conference program are all part of what makes FMF a genuinely one-of-a-kind industry lifestyle event.


The first FMF kicked off in 2010 and has hosted some of the top industry players from around the world. 

During the pandemic, like all other in-person events, FMF was put on hiatus but started its own online community. During this time FMF was introduced to the founder of Music Industry City. After months of talks, MIC and FMF decided to merge and formed the parent company, Nybac Media and rebrand as Music Industry City / Future Music Forum. 

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