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What are member benefits?

  • Non-members: Can access a limited number of articles per month and may have access to some public events.
  • Free members (Residents): Create your profile and get access to resources, member-only events, ability to post in the forum and activity feed – plus some other perks.
  • Paid members (City Card Holders and Lifetime Residents): Everything the free members get plus discounted or free entry to MIC/FMF events and conferences, access to cardholder-only events, ability to submit articles for publishing to the city, ability to post to the community calendar, early access to tickets or services, plus other benefits.

Benefits change over time. Visit membership levels for full list of benefits.

How do I update or cancel my membership?

Click on the top right icon and select membership. Click change or cancel.

How do I update my profile?

Click on the top right icon and select profile. From there, you can update your profile avatar, background image, your personal info, email and password, notification settings, and account information.

Canceling vs downgrading to free

If you cancel your membership, you will no longer be able to access your profile and other features of the site. If you sign up again, you will not be able to access your prior information. Instead of canceling, we suggest changing to a Free Resident account.

Unsubscribing from emails vs canceling account

MIC using a mailing service for newsletters. You may change your settings or unsubscribe from them at the footer of the email. This does not cancel your account. You may still receive system-wide update emails from your account. 

Additionally, you may customize which emails you receive from the community by going to your Profile > Settings > Email.

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