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Music Industry City is a music industry lifestyle community, broadcast network, and international music conference focused on inspiration, innovation, and information for the modern music industry.

The FMF is one of Europe’s most respected music industry conferences. It’s MIC’s flagship, three-day international get-together in Barcelona. The annual gathering is for artists and business to share insights into the music industry. FMF also hosts year-round digital series of interviews, workshops, webinars, product demonstrations, and networking events

The City agencies are where you can find more information about the city, current and future plans, and contact us. For example, if you have a billing question, head over to the Department of Finance.

This is where you can post questions and share information, promote your music, events, services and resources. Only logged-in members of the city can access the forums.

The Notice Board is where you can post quick bits, share updates, post fun memes, shout outs, and other updates, It also displays all citywide activity.

Districts are open or private areas within the city with a specific focus. Each district is independently run by a District President and board elected by its residents and hosts their own events and community. For example, the Central District is the city center and open to all residents. District 1: Parcours is for young professionals and focuses on leadership skills. People must apply to be accepted into District 1.

The metaverse is where we host get-togethers and events, and where you can hang out anytime with your friends as an avatar with the option to share your webcam/screen.

Click here to see more about the MIC Metaverses and jump in.

This is the city’s own Public Access Service. Audio and Video programs with experts covering news and industry trends. Live-streamed video programs covering topical headlines and interviews, social audio drop-ins for audience-engaged talks and interviews.

You can subscribe to our Music Industry News Podcast on your preferred podcast platform.

Contact us through the Broadcast Center if you would like to be a guest on one of our programs or would like to have your own show or podcast.


  • Non-members: Can access a limited number of articles per month and may have access to some public events.
  • Free members (Residents): Get unlimited access to the website, access to member-only events, the ability to post in the forum and notice board – plus some other perks.
  • Paid members (City Card Holders): Everything the free members get plus; discounted or free entry to MIC/FMF events and conferences, access to cardholder-only events, ability to submit articles for publishing to the city, early access to tickets or services, plus other benefits.

Benefits change over time. Visit membership levels for full list of benefits.

Click on the top right icon and select membership. Click change or cancel.

Click on the top right icon and select profile. From there, you can update your profile avatar, background image, your personal info, email and password, notification settings, and account information (see icons on the left).

We do not sell or share your personal information. Only logged in members can see your profile and your posts. The exception is if you opt to publish an article – MIC may make this a public blog post.

Visit our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for more information.

Music Industry City does not tolerate racist, sexist, or transphobic remarks, doxxing (posting people’s personal information), personal threats, or sexual harassment, or other content deemed inappropriate. If you find something you feel needs to be reported, please contact us at the Department of Law with relevant information.

Please view our Terms and Conditions and Bill of Rights for more information.


To post in the forum, click on Forums and select the appropriate topic to post in, or anywhere in the city it says Post a New Topic

To make a quick update to the Notice Board, from the home page type into the activity field and select Post in: Notice Board. Or, click Notice Board and post in there.

Only City Card holders have the ability to submit articles for publishing consideration. When you become a card holder you will see an additional menu item that says Submit an Article.

Contact us through the Broadcast Center if you would like to discuss other opportunities to publish content to Music Industry City.

We’re always open to consider new guests and programming. Contact us through the Broadcast Center if you would like to discuss more.


Absolutely, we have a rolling internship program and post all career opportunities here where you can apply online.

If you would like to get involved in the city in another capacity, please contact us here.

Absolutely, we are all about collaborations and have plenty of opportunities. Contact us and we’ll set up a time to discuss your goals and what we can accomplish together. 

MIC is a social media platform itself, therefore you should check in every day to see the latest updates.

The other best places to follow us are:

  • Instagram for fun content and updates.
  • LinkedIn for live-streaming and business discussions.
  • YouTube for video posting and live-streaming.

Finally, Follow the city MIC Mayor on Twitter to access the Twitter Spaces conversations.

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