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In Short: It’s SXSW Week.

In Short: quick quips about…whatever.

It’s that time of year – what I like to call Spring Break for the Music Business. In my 3rd year of non-consecutive attendance, I have finally lost my fear of MOMO…sorry, I mean FOMO. Which means, I should be heading back there next year (SX2020 has such a nice ring to it). I feel taking gap years are a necessity for SXSW, else it becomes too tedious.

What I do miss out on is one of the greatest things about SX…The randomness – the random people you meet on the street, the random band you’re blown away by, the random party, the random cool free thing, the random places you’ll go, the random person you meet.

What I don’t miss about SX…The randomness – the trying to keep meetings/appointments/schedules, only to receive a text stating they got tied up and can do it later – after 10 or so back-and-forth texts over the next half hour only to realize there’s no way you’ll be able to link up due to scheduling.

What I do miss out on is one of the greatest things about SX…The randomness – the fact that it’s the only place that half your meetings can get canceled and you are probably even happy to get the text saying they can’t make it because you yourself got tied up bumping into some random person who told you about this random band you need to see at this random venue…Also, you’ll probably randomly bump into that person somewhere else. And by chance, everything is alright.

Everyone have a wonderful time, I won’t be following you on FB or IG this week! And remember to avoid 6th street after Thursday night.

What are you thoughts on SXSW?