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Goat, Tribe Called Quest NFT, UK Reopens, California Venue Budget, Riot Games Album

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Goat, a Swedish experimental group, has released a new album, ‘Headsoup,’ including its lead track, ‘Queen of the Underground.’ ‘Headsoup’ will be a collection of non-album material spanning the band’s career, including standalone singles, B-sides, digital edits, and two new songs. The album will be available on August 27th.

A Tribe Called Quest deny authorising sale of royalties portion as NFT

A Tribe Called Quest has denied claims that they had teamed with music licensing marketplace Royalty Exchange to auction off a piece of their record revenues as an NFT.

Now, co-founder Ali Shaheed Muhammad has penned a lengthy response to claims of A Tribe Called Quest’s connection with Royalty Exchange or sale authorization, labeling them “Not Frigging True.” No member of A Tribe Called Quest has entered into any partnership with Royalty Exchange.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that full-capacity events will be able to take place in England beginning July 19. On that day, a 150th anniversary concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall will be one of the first full-house events. The prime minister stated that a final decision will be taken on July 12, and that limitations will be lifted one week later, as scheduled. He stated that the action follows data indicating the considerably lower Covid-19 mortality rates as a result of vaccine roll-out, with the UK having the highest per – capita immunization rate in Europe.

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In Musical Chairs…

New California Budget Includes $150M for Independent Music Venues

Under the new budget provisions, around 660 venues and promoters may be eligible for financial relief. California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the state’s 2021-2022 budget, which includes $150 million for independent venues and promoters, into law on June 28. Venues must have a defined performance space, mixing equipment, a PA system, and a lighting rig to be eligible. A venue must have at least two people who work as sound engineers, bookers, promoters, stage managers, ticket office managers, and/or security staff.

And in music tech news…

Riot Games Launches Royalty-Free Album For Streamers

Riot Games, creators of League of Legends, published an album filled with lo-fi sounds on Friday, allowing gamers to stream their games while listening to music that does not infringe on copyright regulations. Sessions:Vi is a collection of 37 ambient songs created in collaboration with artists such as Chromonicci and Junior State. It is available on major streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. The album’s release is in reaction to growing dissatisfaction among gamers who wish to broadcast their gameplay but can be kicked off platforms like Twitch for copyright infringement if the games contain copyrighted material.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]And that concludes today’s update. For article links, see the show notes, or go to and listen to the Music News Power Hour live in Clubhouse or on the website at 12 p.m. Eastern.

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