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    To get to know him more let me give you more details about Ocazey Vanz
    (Makwiza kalima Jackson born on 23 March 2002) is a singer and Rapper from Ndola, Zambia.

    Vanz developed love for music at a tender age. He draws his musical influences from his young brother who was a big fan of nf at the time. Vanz also looks up to artist like Rema , Nasty c and and omah lay , whose music motivated him, to the point we’re he fell in love with rapper music and Nigerian afro.

    He is best known for his single ‘Enjoy your life ‘ which he teamed up with flespect as the white angels the song was a success . Ocazey released his first dance hall with trust major and which played a good part ‘SUGO’ in 2021 followed by his sophomore project titled ‘Dowi’ (featuring Chuzhe int ) – again it was out as the white angels which was released in 2022 DOWI . is an acronym for “Koko”. Which is a remix of “Die with me” the song is set to be his next realize in 2023.

    known for his unique style and soulful voice that has captured the hearts of fans all over Zambia and beyond.

    With his infectious beats, heartfelt lyrics, and signature sound, Ocazey Vanz has quickly become a household name in the Zambian music scene, winning numerous awards and nominations for his outstanding contributions to the industry.

    As a multi-talented artist, Ocazey Vanz has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry and has produced hit songs such as “Dowi”, “enjoy your life”, and “Hustle”, just to name a few. His music is loved by fans of all ages and has a unique ability to evoke emotions and touch the hearts of listeners.

    Despite his success, ocazey Vanz remains humble and grounded, always striving to create music that resonates with his fans and reflects the culture.

    And this year he surprised people with his freestyle and won the challenge

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