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    Welcome to the City

    , @zawhood, @resonantrhythm, @cfn-quel, @heavyshadow, @cryptuniverse, @brianscheid


    Feel free to introduce yourself and tell everyone a little about what you do.

    You can update your profile picture so you’re not just a grey avatar by going to your profile (click the top right icon or go to Membership in the sidebar)

    And… Ask anything you want to know more about by starting a discussion (left sidebar) and post in the Public Forum- we’re here to help!

    Glad you could make it to the city and hope to see you around!


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      Miquel Dunn

        City Pass Holder

        Hello my name is CFN QUEL came from nothing.I’m from Baton Rouge Louisiana
        I will like to say loud and very proudly that will consider myself as an versatile artist. I speak from the heart I will try my hardest to make my next song way better then my last song aiming to touch the world and I will do that. I’m on all platforms by the name of Cfnquel and This message would not be the last of y’all hearing about me you hear me around fa sure 💯

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            Welcome CFN QUEL glad you could join us, and sounds wonderful what you’re doing!

            If there’s anything we can do, just post any questions or anything in the discussion forum.

            Look forward to chatting more with you!

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          Keith Elliott

            City Pass Holder

            :bye: Hi,

            My name is Keith and my business is Resonant Rhythm.
            By day, I am a Technical Director of a Post Production Building and freelance as a Mixing and Mastering Engineer. I enjoy making my own electronic-based music as a creative outlet.

            Outside of all the creative and technical details of life, you’ll find me on two wheels either mountain or road biking and occasionally participating in races with my local team. When I’m recovering from that, I am reading. Definitely a life-long learner getting deeply into the many topics I am passionate about!

            Whether it’s tech, electronic music, cycling, coffee, wine or productivity, I’d love to geek out with you all! :good:


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                Hey Keith!

                Glad you could join us. Now, you gave me inspiration to get back on my bike! I used to bike Centuries and did a couple triathlons, and now getting back into them.

                Would love to set up an online chat in here to talk about music production sometime. My background is in audio production.

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                  Keith Elliott

                    City Pass Holder

                    Hey Peter,

                    I’m glad to provide that inspiration! Triathlons are a great atmosphere. I’ve done a number of them myself, however after a shoulder injury I switched to Duathlons instead. Hopefully you’ve got a cycling community in your area to help get you back into it.

                    Always happy to chat about music production! There are definitely some more niche bits that I am exploring and like to share.

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                        Right on. Unfortunately, no real cycling community in my area. Though, I’m pretty good about going out solo.

                        We have a Community Social on Mar 1 if you want to join and chat more about production — maybe we can put together a talk segment on it.

                        The Social – Mar 1

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                  Jada Bromberg

                    Lifetime Resident


                    My name is Jada- I’m currently a student at Temple University, I’m a singer/songwriter and mental health advocate. I write songs, poetry, and blog about my experiences with mental health struggles. I believe that sharing all of these forms of art with others have a powerful impact on how people feel.

                    I’m excited to connect with you through this community and learn more from you all!

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                        Hey Jada,

                        It was great meeting you at the Play Music Conference.
                        Feel free to drop any questions or anything you’d like to share to help the community in the forum.

                        P.S., Jada, check your email for an update about your account :good:

                        – can you jump in about mental health and talk about what you’re working on?

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                      Tristan Powell

                        Lifetime Resident

                        Tristan, guitarist of Shame Penguin here! Happy to officially be part of the city as a permanent resident and looking forward to forming strong bonds with like minded individuals, connecting on the artistic and business sides of all things music and the industry that encompasses it.
                        I’m sure I met many of you – and yet not enough of you at Play music Conference so would love to link with more of you and talk projects ideas collaborations show trades dreams and aspirations.
                        Much love from Antarctica.

                        Tristan Powell - Guitarist of Shame Penguin

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