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      Muriel Baki

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        Great question! Not enough people can speak on the difference between those things…
        Especially in the information era, its way too common to think that we know everything, a look behind the curtain will either confirm or deny that assumption, and regardless I think its important to know. Either confirming our knowledge or underlining our ignorance… :unsure:

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            Good points. Take for instance any Twitter or FB post where selective outrage kicks in (about 20-25 comments in). One person can be transparent about their beliefs, though in a public forum will have a number of people agreeing or disagreeing with them — and many times without the proper context or knowledge.

            Transparency can help shine a light on those areas often overlooked into what’s actually going on. Privacy is now in the way one needs to carry themselves (in a private way, and off social media) or figure out a way to maintain boundaries.

            I definitely am for having open and transparent conversations which allow for civil discourse in (semi)public forums with the understanding that nothing online is truly private.

            P.S., I dig whoever said that quote :yes:

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