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    📍 Research the company and position thoroughly before applying:

    Make sure to research not only the job description itself, but also the company’s values, mission and culture. Dig further into the company’s website and social media presence to gain a better understanding of their products, services and customers. Read up on industry news related to the company.

    📍 Tailor your resume and cover letter to reflect your suitability for the role.

    When writing your resume and cover letter, it is important to showcase the skills, experiences and qualities that make you a unique fit for the role. Begin by highlighting the most relevant qualifications listed in the job description. Make sure to provide facts, figures and details to substantiate these qualifications.

    📍 Practice

    Practicing your interview skills is key to being the most appealing candidate for a job. It’s important to be prepared and practice beforehand so you can articulate your answers in an organized way. Being able to answer any kind of question with clarity and confidence will show that you’re well-prepared, knowledgeable, and capable of doing the job, making you a great candidate for the position.

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