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    We want this to be a wonderful and positive community and while we know everyone will be respectful, we just want to make a few things clear.

    Rule #1: Be respectful.

    Rule #2: Spammy and promotional stuff will be removed. We have a three-strike policy. If you keep it up, your membership will be revoked. Examples of spammy and promotional stuff are, “We will design your flyers for you. Want Instagram Followers? My new album is out (with constant reminders).

    If you want to promote your music and services, post in the ‘Promotion Board‘ – but don’t spam, just one of your own songs from time-to-time is ok.

    Rule #3: The list that will get you immediately banned with no questions asked; Racist, sexist, or transphobic remarks, doxxing (posting people’s personal information), personal threats, or sexual harassment.

    Rule #4:  Refer to the T&C if you have additional questions.

    Rule #5: Use the search feature. (this is more of a suggestion, rather than a rule)

    Rule #6: Be Awesome!

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