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Mario Lagsbartt

    City Pass Holder

    What is Musicverse?
    Musicverse is a BlockChain technology project for the Latin American coding of Art projects, created by LifeChain and California Vive La Musica, with the mission of bringing cutting-edge technology for the protection and distribution of Latin American creatives.

    Vision & Mission
    To bring the art of Latin American artists to new technologies, generating more security for their releases, with control and distribution of unreleased works under new digital schemes.

    New Options
    Creating new options for communication between artists and followers through incentive schemes, closeness between both sides, such as prizes, concert tickets, special editions, thus giving a sense of presence and belonging of the public towards the artist.

    A Better Economy
    Generating a better, secure economy for creatives, by having direct control of the distribution and use of their work, and at the same time being ready for the transition to the new platforms that will be part of the “Metaverso”.

    Offering different NFT schemes depending on each project and its needs, reach and origin for its coding and/or distribution and promotion.

    Latin America
    Attending to the Latin American market which has its specifications, beliefs and special vision, which will maintain the initial essence of each creation, project and personal vision of the creatives, both musicians, painters, sculptors, writers and creative artists in general.

    The future depends on what you do today

    Mario Lagsbartt