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Angela Rose

    Lifetime Resident

    Hiii! So excited to be here and meet new people!

    My background is in tech startups and social impact. My passion is blending technology, social impact, and music.

    I’m Angela Rose. I teach Music Industry Entrepreneurship at CU Denver, named one of the Top Music Business Schools in the world by Billboard Magazine in 2022.

    I also teach Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), an evidence-based training and action plan that teaches you how to:

    1. Recognize common signs and symptoms of mental health crises and substance misuse

    2. De-escalate potential crisis situations

    3. Get appropriate professional help

    I’ve been teaching MHFA through the lens of being in the music community, and I have certified teams from Universal Music Group, 1824, Beggars Group, and more.

    Now I’m bringing MHFA to web3.

    Let’s connect!