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February Resident Spotlight – Luis D’Elias


We’re thrilled to feature Luis D’Elias as February’s Spotlight Artist



Luis D’Elias

What is your artist name?

New Caracas

How many years have you been active?


What was the first concert you went to?

Korn and No Doubt, back in Venezuela

Do you have any hobbies, interests, or other non-music things you’d like to share about yourself?

Running and improv theater! Both of which keep helping me channel and expand my craft, while at the same time restraining the available time to hone it better. Nothing expands creativity like limitations, though.

When did you start writing and/or performing music?

I started writing music when I was around 15, with my first rock prog band. Back then I was already dabbling in fusing Venezuelan traditions with other genres, which has become one of the cornerstones of my music ever since.

What are you particularly excited about in the near future?

Working with new people. Working more in the theater realm, bringing more dimensions to the narrative storytelling that I enjoy so much from music.

Do you have any achievements you’re especially proud of?

Self-producing and self-releasing two albums, which included a fully funded Indiegogo Campaign!

What do you find are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your career?

A challenge has always been to get the word out regarding the projects one has been working on. The creative drain can sometimes leave one susceptible to the crazy amount of work needed for people to realize the work is there ready for them. But as they say, a tree goes unheard in a forest if no one is there.

The reward is to be in the moment sharing music with an audience and other musicians/artists. Those moments of live performance are each unique, and each special. It’s a connection that can’t be replicated.

If you could go back in time and to tell your 10-year old self something, what would that be?

You won’t believe how much you can change if you start saying yes to things and seeking out opportunities to say yes to!

What artist would you like to perform a duet, or co-write a song, with, and why?

Natalia Lafourcade. Her journey from pop to latin folk has been astounding, and she has such a beautiful instinct for lyrics, as well as an incredible versatility for genres. It’s would be a dream.

Would you like to share anything else or some advice for your fellow artists?

Listen to your body, and listen to your mind. It’s ok to take breaks and to branch out, as long as you keep your mind and heart open to let your craft grow in directions you never would have expected.

Also, the best way out is through. I borrowed that from a movie.

Thank you for sharing this with us. If you would like to find out more about Luis or give a follow, check out the links below.









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