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Citywide Updates

April 30, 2023

Wow, We haven’t announced any updates recently. We’ll have to change that!

  • After you submit an event, you will now get an email notification confirming once it’s published.
  • The New York Music Month Warm-up Series is continuing through May. Check the events calendar for more dates.

Update January 7, 2023

New Website!

  • New forums for you to post your thoughts and questions and share news
  • New events calendar
  • Paid residents can now post their own events to the community
  • Consolidated all groups into the Public Square for simplicity (we’ll open up more at your request)
  • Polls: Be on the lookout for weekly polls for you to voice your opinion on what to add to the city
  • Metaverse is temporarily turned off (we’ll open it up again in coming months)
  • More monthly digital talk series
  • Weekly community Audio drop-ins will occur on our LinkedIn account
  • Your profile page has been updated to a cleaner look so you can upload your photo and cover and change your settings¬†
  • Resource Studio is open. This will be updated with new resources on a consistent basis