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Broadcast Center

The Broadcast Center oversees all digital and broadcast services serving our residents. Its purpose is to inform and educate MIC residents about topical items affecting the music industry.

Digital Media
The Observer is the City’s official digital media service. The Observer prints topical items covering citywide events, resident spotlights, community news, opinions, and is the official city record.

Broadcast Network
MIC broadcasting services produce audio and video content for MIC residents. 

Current and Past Programming.

    • Music Industry News: Live-streamed and audio drop-in.
    • Good Day Music Biz Talk Show – Weekdays at 11 am ET – Live-streamed and audio drop-in.
    • 5-Minute Music Industry News Podcast – News headlines in under 5 minutes.
    • Motivate & Create – Kick off your week with motivation talks.
    • Ask a Manager focuses on conversations with managers on topical items affecting artists. The hosts also will answer your questions in the Live Stream.
    • Heavy! discusses all things Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.
    • This is Important will primarily be syndicated through our podcast network focuses on call-in talks with industry leaders about things that are important to your career.
    • Spotlight will showcase MIC residents (coming winter, 2022)
    • Artist(s) Express will showcase forward-thinking musicians (coming winter, 2022)

The Broadcast Center is also responsible for a Numbers Station that broadcasts encoded messages that change on a monthly basis through our Podcast Network. (You may want to brush up on your NATO phonetic alphabet.)

Subscribe to your favorite podcast platform.

Viewers can listen/watch content directly from the MIC website, or in second-run syndication on YouTube and other platforms.

With the approval of the MIC Mayor’s Office, and funds allocated by the City’s Department of Finance, The Broadcast Center launched a new podcast program in the summer of 2021.

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MIC residents or businesses interested in producing or co-producing their own programming may contact us in the form below.

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