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Music News

Facebook’s Metaverse, UK Report Shows COVID Damages, Pandora & SoundCloud, Instagram Retires IGTV

SEC OKs Song Investing, TikTok Removes 81m, NMPA Fights Streaming Services, Livestream Consolidation

UnitedMasters Pays in Crypto, TikTok’s New Sounds, Coachella Reverses Vax Policy, UK lost 86k Jobs

Nirvana Album Cover Change? LA Vaccine Proof Needed, Invest in Artists, Instagram Merges Videos

Qobuz Makes Acquisition, YouTube Removes R. Kelly, Twitch Hacked, Fireside – Not A Clubhouse Clone

Carchella, Italy Gives $5M To A&R, Warner Artists Now Texting, SongVest, ASCAP, PPL, NFT, YouTube

Quincy Jones’ AI Acquired, Instagram Reels on Facebook, Napster’s Revenue Report, Sony Helps Artists

Global Streams Up 26%, Cocaine and MDMA in Glastonbury River, Judge Keeps Trump Copyright Case