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Ep. 1 – AAM TikTok, Triller and Ask a Manager Questions

Ep. 4: HEAVY! Playlisting and Peter Has the Flu

S1E3: HEAVY! Get Your Band Noticed on Spotify | Sync | Marketing Tips

S1E2 – HEAVY! Virtual Concerts, Tool, Cold Cold Coffin Interview

S1E1 – HEAVY! A New Show About Heavy Metal and Hard Rock

S2E4 – Crowdfunding, TuneCore, Existential Streaming Crisis plus Ask a Manager

S2E3 – Pete & Sam Talk Apple, Billie Eilish, Warner and AI, plus Ask a Manager.

S2E2 – Your Band, Your B(r)and – Something to think about

S2E1 – Pete & Sam talk SiriusXM, Ask a Manager, Plus Artist Tips

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