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What is TokenTraxx NFT Music Marketplace?

Universal NFT Supergroup, Patreon Adds Videos, Pirate Bay TV, Spotify Acquires Audiobook Platform

Safety Taskforce Formed, Concert Price Rise, Bitcoin Label Advance, Instagram Take a Break, Spotify

Twitch’s Incubator Program, Steve Aoki NFT, CD Baby Artists Can Make Videos, Scala Bans Security

Spotify YouTube, Lawsuit filed, BandLab buys ReverbNation, What is the Metaverse for Music?

Deadmau5 Launches Metaverse, Hip Hop Concert Cxld Over Mandate, Instagram Allows You to Share Links

New Bill Helps Artists Negotiate, COVID Caused 775 M Drop in Royalties, Amazon’s Clubhouse Idea

Exceleration Buys Bloodshot Records, Splice & SoundCloud Team Up, Wu-Tang Gets Video Game, YouTube

Twitch’s New Features, New Social Network, Concord $4B Sale, $1M Relief Fund, 45% Consumption