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Behind The Scenes for Career and Personal Development Month

As we head into January, we at Music Industry City would like to take the time to celebrate Personal and Career Development Month!

We will be hosting numerous events throughout January to help you to succeed. We believe in developing strong, global leaders in the industry and helping musicians to get the career they deserve. With this in mind, MIC encourages people to get out of their comfort zones and explore new skills that will translate into success. 

Although many people may not think of it this way, learning new skills is one of the most important aspects in our careers. The world has changed, and if you want to be successful, you need to change too.

If you’re looking for anything from a starting point to direct you in learning about new skills, Music Industry City will be posting informative articles and hosting numerous events throughout January to help you to succeed.

Keep learning about new skills that will increase your marketability in this competitive industry.

One way to stay ahead of the competition is to keep learning about new skills that could increase your marketability. In a competitive industry, it’s important to grow your skillset. Whether you’re looking to change careers or just want to stay up-to-date, now is the time to start.

You may have heard “the more you know, the more you grow” before. When it comes to personal and career development, this quote is definitely true. In our line of work, staying on top of current trends is very important for professional growth. If you want to be an asset, make sure to take some time for continuing education in your area of expertise. 

You’re probably thinking, “Okay, but what does this have to do with me?” If you’re looking to enter the world of music business or plan on staying in the game long-term, continuing your personal and career development is key. Whether it’s taking an online class or networking with local professionals, you should definitely be looking for ways to improve your skills regardless of what stage of your career you’re in.

Each month, MIC will focus on a particular sector of the industry to provide you with even more information and education. We will be hosting several events every month on topics for the creatives and for the business. Not only will these sessions help you to learn new skills and look at 2022 in a new light, they are also free! 

This month we are:

  • Changing up our Clubhouse Convo’s to focus on more topic-driven discussions which include future technologies.
  • Adding more hangouts in the MIC metaverse.
  • Adding a weekly live-streamed Music Industry Wrap Up show with news and special guests offering information on a variety of subjects.
  • Hosting a Career Coaching session on Tuesday, January 18th.
  • Hosting a Future Development panel in Decentraland on Thursday, January 27th in partnership with Speakerheads, who will be providing special musical guests.
  • Continuing our Friday Music Playlist Request Clubhouse room.
  • Providing more informative articles on personal and career development.
  • Launched a new Forum for you to post questions and share ideas.

With more than 25 MIC events each month on all topics of the industry – and a social community – we invite you to participate because the more the community grows, the greater the benefit, and the more you learn. Feel free to post suggestions and ideas in the Forum that you’d like us to cover for you.

There’s no time like the present to start exploring what you don’t know!

As new technology, ideas, and trends emerge every day, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. However, if you focus on building mastery in the skills that are relevant to your own field or interests, you’ll be armed with the knowledge required for continued success. So this month (and all year long), keep learning about new skills that will increase your marketability in this competitive industry.

We hope you’ll join us.


Please feel free to ask us any questions or share your own tips with the community in the comments!

You should always be working on yourself, expanding your skill set and knowledge so you can take advantage of the opportunities that will come your way.