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AAM: Live Streaming for Musicians – Live Video Chat

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Join us for a Free video discussion on best Livestreaming practices for Musicians with special guest, Karen Allen (who literally wrote the book on Twitch for Musicians). Hosted by Sam Tall & Peter Schwinge.

9pm ET / 6pm PT – RSVP HERE


  • Special Guest Discussion & Talk
  • Q&A
  • Open discussion for all attendees
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Karen Allen, Author, Twitch for Musicians
Twitter: @twitchformusic
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Sam Tall, Artist Manager, Under the Window, Music Ops @Studio71
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Peter Schwinge, Host, Music Industry City
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Karen is graciously offering 30% off the Twitch for Musicians ebook and the online course.

Use the code: AAM30 on her website, Twitch for Musicians

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