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3 Things a Mastering Engineer Does

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  1. Applies EQ, stereo imaging, and final compression to the song.
  2. Balances each song on the album individually, ensuring that the volume of each song is consistent.
  3. Creates masters in the appropriate formats so that the song can be played on all platforms.

They do a lot more too!

Mastering engineers can help you get your record ready for release.

  • A mastering engineer’s job is to make sure that a track sounds good on all types of playback systems like iPods, laptops, etc with different speakers and in various environments like cars or small spaces.
  • The first step involves checking the mix by listening carefully to the levels of the individual tracks.
  • Next, they’ll balance all those sounds to make sure that everything in the mix is audible and not competing with anything else.
  • The mastering engineer will also ensure a uniform loudness throughout the whole song by adjusting volume or compression settings. Finally, they may apply subtle effects like EQ adjustments for the perfect sound.
  • A mastering engineer will typically use software like Adobe Audition or Pro Tools to master tracks, and their listening skills allow them to make sure it sounds great across a wide range of playback systems.

and so much more…